Update on this past year for Psyches Cinema

Update on this past year for Psyches Cinema
Woman's Tailor by Remedios Varo

Dear Friends,

I wanted to check in and give an update on this past year for Psyches Cinema!

Learning to build a website with wordpress continues to be a challenge but I’m excited to have all my films available on the website now! I hope you can enjoy them.  They’re meant for repeat viewings, just like dreams. (And no Youtube ads!)

Update on this past year for Psyches Cinema

Toward the end of his life Jung was often asked, “Will humanity make it?” He always replied with a version of – “We will if enough people do their inner work.”  My films are my own contribution toward using both comedy and fairytales for our inner work.  Community also seems vital as we do our own explorations of shadow, projections, and the grief central to healing.

I’m hoping that Psychescinema.com can offer spaces for community connections and events.  I know that anytime I gather (often online) with others to explore dreams, fairy tales, or the work of Jungian authors; I add one more gradual step toward my own healing. 

(I recommend programs at the Maine Jung Center!)

This past January I started working on a feature screenplay called Invisible. It is a story of Jody,  a woman who suffers from a family curse (her mother made a deal with the devil). Jody’s curse is that she is literally invisible. Jody struggles to free herself and be seen. No doubt that many decades of studying the work of Von Franz and fairy tales has stimulated this writing.

True to my Muse Thalia, the story is a comedy – featuring a talking dog named Fred.  And as usual, my own psychology became wrapped in the story.  While working on the script I saw my own attitudes about being visible:  my hunger to be seen and my fear/reluctance to be seen.  A fine pair of opposites! 

The problem of working on the screenplay is that it put my short filmmaking on hold. (Another ambitious choice I made was to join two wonderful filmmaking groups this year. Lots of learning and lots of work!) I kept hoping to get back to my current production, “Dumpling,” but the feature, like a ravenous creature, grabbed all my time.  At this point I’ve reluctantly put the script down.  I’d love to finish it but I need to get back to the fairy tale films I love. I’m also eager for time to share the rich process of this work.  

It takes many many months to make a film. I’ve often wondered how I can engage with community when the films take so long?  Writing blog posts is providing me another platform to explore Jung, innerwork, and the challenges of making art and making one’s life a work of art. 

I’m sorry I haven’t had a new film in a long time but one is coming soon.  And then I hope to have a steady stream.  If you find these films helpful, I’d love to hear your comments on the website or via email.  My work is solitary and simple comments mean so much!  If there is a way for us to collaborate, please let me know. 

Thank you again for your interest in this work! If you haven’t yet subscribed, please visit our home page and join in to receive important updates.

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