Image from our short film, The Stockbroker and the Goddess
Still from our short film, Visiting Valerie
Are you a creator or educator interested in the intersection of myth, spirituality, and psychology? Let’s collaborate and share your events and explorations too.


Join us to explore psychology, spirituality, and innerwork — through fairytales, mythology, storytelling and homemade stop motion films!

We love the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Michael Meade, Marie Louise Von Franz, Edward Edinger, Helen Luke….

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Still from our short film, Gnarly Inside.
Baba Yaga?

Thoughtful films, made with love.

I’m Laura Lewis-Barr, an award-winning stop-motion filmmaker and educator.   

My focus is on animating fairy tales and mythic stories for personal and collective transformation. 

I make my micro budget films in my basement in Chicago.

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Bite-sized stories – filled with perennial wisdom.

Still from Gnarly Inside.

Fairy tales are the simplest and purest expressions of the collective unconscious and thus offer the clearest understanding of the basic patterns of the human psyche. -Marie Louise Von Franz


  1. Queen MamaSeptember 9, 2023

    So excited for this! I love your work. I have my own doll.collection now too.

    1. psycheSeptember 9, 2023

      Thank you! Excited to hear about your dolls and your work with them. Thanks for the comment. xoxo


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