Media Featuring Laura and her Work

Amazon Link -Spirituality Classics

Fantastic time today with the lovely Sheila Franzen and her Spiritual Geek podcast. Listen here!

Amazon Link -Podcasting

Healing Power of Fairy Tales with Live, Love, Engage Podcast! Listen here!

Amazon Link – Storytelling for Everyone

Laura Lewis-Barr: Knowing Our Place in The Story Oct 6, 2022 Sacred Rebellion Podcast Listen here!

Amazon Link – Creativity for Everyone

The Deep Dive Podcast Such a fun and stimulating conversation on fairytales, Jungian psychology, and the artists’ process. Listen here!

Amazon Link – Indie Filmmaking

Grateful to Indie Activity for this in-depth exploration of our filmmaking process. Read the article here.

Amazon Link – History of Stop Motion Films

Such a blast being on The Jack Henke Show podcast – talking about the joys of stopmotion filmmaking.  My segment starts 40 min. in. Listen here!

Amazon Link – Mindfulness Classics

A deep deep deep conversation in two parts! Thank you to Chuck and “My Life is Medicine.” Listen Here!

Amazon Link – Creativity at Home

Thank you to Theatrically Speaking for a very fun conversation. Listen Here!

Amazon Link – Women’s Art

Thank you to the Sirens for exploring my films and making some films of their own! Siren Soapbox Episode 116: Fairy Tales Listen Here!

Amazon Link – Books on Writing

Read & Write Podcast Such a fun conversation about #filmmaking #psychology #fairytales and the #writing process. Listen here!

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