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Laugh, Reflect, Discuss – What part of the story are YOU living now?

Depth psychology community events and activities.

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Our films are layered with meanings and jokes. They’re perfect for group use.

Use Laura’s book (below) to explore these films in an established book or film club. This book has a series of prompts for a deep exploration of some of our early films. (Teachers have used these also. )

You can buy Laura’s book here!

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Fairy tales are like dreams.

Films and Fairy Tales are Meant to be Shared

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Depth psychology community events

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Here are some of Laura’s recent public events. She also works with private groups.

Our films are screening in festivals around the world!

Intro to the Film and Folklore Festival in Trinidad & Tobago.

See Laura’s films here!

“Myths and fairy tales give expression to unconscious processes. Their retelling causes the process to come alive again… thereby re-establishing the connection between conscious and unconscious” — Carl Jung

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