Visiting Valerie

On a sunny Saturday at the zoo, Jackie wonders: is she smart of just a selfish jerk? This stop-motion film explores relationships, the inner child, and the quirky happenings in daily life. Based on a true story.

One of the themes of this film is codependency. Here’s a powerful quote from Craig Chalquist, PhD

Below the anxiety and restlessness of codependency lurks a powerful unconscious fantasy of obtaining love and appreciation after all by restoring health to the sick, clarity to the confused, availability to the absent, or even life to the deceased. It is painful to finally realize, from the brains down into the bones, that, whatever the current external situation, Dad-within will not stop being selfish and oblivious, or that Mom-within will not suddenly heal and be loving….

But facing and letting in such an all-gripping sense of loss lowers one into a slow, deep, beneficial mourning — for the ill who could not be restored, for the early loss of love and support — that draws misplaced energy out of chronic caretaking and rescuing and gives it back to oneself. Though anguishing, mourning begins a long-delayed healing. The newly practiced capacity for consciously bearing along the ill, the unavailable, the crazy, the addicted, or the dead within one’s own psyche, allowing them to be what they actually were instead of trying to save them, also plants fresh seedlings of emotional maturity.

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