The Two Travelers – Part 3 of 3 – Fairy Tales Through a Jungian Lens

Cath, the Tailor, suffers workplace politics and more, in this comic update of the Grimm fairy tale.

Fairy Tales Through a Jungian Lens

From Marie Louise Von Franz – “The stork stands for something which has its divine orientation from above from which it cannot deviate, like the wild geese who carry the same projection in Eastern mythology. The pattern of behavior of this bird gives one the impression that it is obeying a secret order having a divine knowledge… the idea that they are pious birds that obey their own laws without ego judgment, and they therefore stand for functioning in accordance with the inner truth and inner being. For this, and since it was believed to hate and kill snakes, the stork was taken as a symbol of Christ—as the transcedent function, that manifestation of the unconscious which tends to bring up the reconciling symbol, the divine child. In our story it functions by bringing a renewed form of dominant consciousness: the new king. — Marie-Louise von Franz, Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales

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