The Two Travelers – Part 1 of 3 (Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales)

This film is based on longer fairy tale, explored by Marie Louise Von Franz in her book, “Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales.” Based on a Grimm tale.

Cath, the Tailor, suffers workplace politics and more, in this comic update.

A quote from Von Franz on this part of the story – “Let us return to the conflict as it reaches its climax. There is the state of suspension where everything is stuck, the ego is in the state of yes and no, and there is the torture of arrested life and sterility. In such a moment the ego surrenders, admitting that this is an insoluble conflict—one that it cannot solve—and will submit to something objective, to a sign of God which will become evident. We say we will submit to what the dreams say.

Neither analyst nor analysand can say anything further, but does the objective psyche produce any kind of material or signs which lead further? Only the dreams and fantasies are left, and they represent the dew, an objective living manifestation which comes from the depth of the psyche and can be studied, and which restores eyesight. If you can then understand the secret hints which are contained in a dream, your eyes are opened and you rediscover life and find it on a new level.

Only the guidance of the unconscious can help at such a moment and provide the healing dew which falls upon us. That is why the tailor uses the dew and is able to go on again with his eyes cured and, thanking God, goes to the king’s city. In alchemy, the “divine” water is also called the healing remedy for blindness.”

von Franz, Marie-Louise. Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales (C. G. Jung Foundation Books Series) (pp. 50-51).

Watch part two here.

Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales

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