The Old Woman Knitting the Garment of the World

Responding to the pandemic, this is my adaptation of a folk tale. Made while social distancing at home with what I had in the house. Updated it with new visions of what the Great Beast brings when destroying the Garment of the World. Based on a favorite folktale told by Michael Meade. An animated short film. See more of Laura’s films here.


  1. Dorthea MartinSeptember 26, 2023

    Oh, thank you for this, Laura. Your depth of thought and creativity makes this so touching. I will be watching it many more times. May I share it with family and loved ones?

    1. psycheSeptember 26, 2023

      Thank you! Yes please do. If by chance any of the links change (working to clean up some links on this brand new website) it will always be found on the film page of


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